Harmony Heart

A Harmony Heart

Relationships, family, marriage and things in life that make the heart the happiest create Harmony and balance in life. 


Organizing and decluttering will certainly change your home but more importantly it can change how you move forward in life and with those around you. When possessions are no longer the focus, you are free to focus your energy towards other things.

Invest time into what is important

How often do you slow down and take moments for yourself to read, sit, pray, write, just think? How are you connecting and making memories with family and friends? Or do you have little time to spare because you are overwhelmed by a never ending mess in the house and last minute runs to the store?

I was on this track for a long time wishing I could just catch up. Here’s the deal: Our clutter and excess stuff robs of us of so much more than open spaces. It takes away time we could be spending with other people or relaxing on our own.

Life isn’t about stuff. It’s about love, connection, and balance. 

Seek our new experiences

After organizing you may find that you have extra time on your hands to try new activities you never knew you would love. Invest in yourself and start paring down and simplifying so that you can free up time to fill your heart!